6 Degrees OUR Underground Kitchen Dinner Party 


Here is an example of one of our menus

  '6 Degrees' Underground Dinner'

Guest Chef Luke Hayes-Alexander collaborated on the menu with Chef Karen Viva-Haynes preparing a themed multi-course dinner

Street Food Meets Haute Cuisine 


Fruit and Chili Guacamole  (Chef Karen)

Bacon Loli Pops Amuse 
(Chef Karen)
Smoked Ham Hock Pea Soup Sip
(Chef Karen)
Fricken Burger (Fried Chicken, Creamy Slaw, Southern Biscuit, Secret Sauce) (Chef Luke)
Habanero Pepper, Strawberry & Coconut Paletas
 Mexican popsicles - palette cleanser
(Chef Karen)
Beef & Spinach Cupcake with Leek Bread Pudding Icing
(Chef Karen)
Sexy Noodles (Noodles, Sesame Ginger, Scallion, Slow-Cooked Egg)
(Chef Luke)
Scallion / or Wild Leek Pancakes served with Duck Confit
(Chef Karen)
Crispy Pork Pogo (Smoky Pork, Corn Bread, Garlic, Bbq Sauce)
(Chef Luke)
Collard Roll-ups with Coconut Curry Kale
(Chef Karen)

Sweet Love Bombs with Assorted Fillings, etc (mint, mango, berry) 

Our menu is unique, and never the same twice.

This is the perfect evening to indulge your inner foodie.  We are Cordon Blue trained chefs who focus on using locally grownand traditionally farmed meats, vegetables and artisanal dairy products and more. There will be times that we will have guests chefs join us in our creation of the meal. We will prepare a prefix dinner for up to 14 guests in our catering kitchen located in downtown Toronto. This gives us a chance to be creative and show our stuff. So come alone or bring a friend. The only thing is that you have to know someone who knows someone who knows Karen or Anne at Viva Tastings. please email us at karen@vivatastings.com to find out how you can get to know us. 

How it works: Reservations must be made ahead of time and space is limited to 14 guests. Dinner starts at 8pm and guests will start to arrive at 7:15pm. People arrive as singles, couples and groups of four or more. We serve hors d'oeuvres to everyone upon arrival, giving you a chance to mingle with like minded people who love and appreciate healthy and tasty food. At 8pm, everyone will sit down at a communal table right in the centre of the preparation (chef's table style)  for a 5 to 8 course tastings menu served family style.

Menu: Our menu is unique, a surprise and never the same twice.  If requested ahead of time, we can accommodate vegetarians.

When: Twice Monthly
Where: details will be emailed to you after you RSVP

Donation: $85 $120 per person
Wine, Beer or Spirits: BYO
Gratuity: optional

A dinner at 6° would be a great gift for the foodie in your life or one of your clients. Click here to find out how to give this gift.





Pick-up Location near U of T  -  416.578.2129  -  karen@vivatastings.com

Delivery Available in the downtown Toronto core 

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