Culinary Corporate Team Building
Through Cooking Classes - What A Delicious Idea!

Team building through cooking is an alternative to rope climbing, golf outings and treasure hunts. It is an enjoyable opportunity to bring together employees from various departments in your organization, create an experience for them to meet and to work together as a team, and produce immediate and tangible results. Food has always been a perfect way to bring people together. By cooking together, teams can discover the ingredients for successful, effective performance. For example if the goal is to work on problem-solving skills, participants could be given all of the ingredients for a recipe, but not all of the instructions. However, most groups prefer more loosely structured sessions for groups that want to spend time together and have fun.
Prior culinary experience is not required!

The Format

If your team is between 8 to 14 people, your event will take place in our new catering kitchen located in downtown Toronto near U of T with Karen Viva-Haynes, owner and chef of Viva Tastings and a culinary coach supervising your Team Members. Your 3 hour cooking class might begin with a 5 to 10 minute introduction by your own team leader or group head. Following this, you will be directed through the hands-on preparation of a beautiful and delicious gourmet tasting menu. Throughout this fun-filled and often challenging endeavor, you will be painlessly developing new techniques for working with your colleagues to achieve rewarding as well as delicious results. Following the food preparation you will sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labor with an appropriately selected wine. You can then discuss just how things worked out and how you might have approached your "work" differently to achieve better or more efficient results.

If your team is larger, between 15 and 100 people, the event will take place in a rented kitchen facility down town Toronto. Location to be confirmed.

The experience is so enjoyable that it can also serve as a reward to your team for a project well done.

The Pricing - for teams of 8 to 14 people
The base price* for an individual team building class is $1300.00. This includes up to 8 people. Each additional person is an additional $100.00. The maximum number of people is 14 at our catering facility. *

*The base price includes the venue, instruction, food, a glass of wine with the meal, labour and the Chef's expertise.

Other Charges may Include:
Additional assistant cooking instructor if the guest count is over eight guests.
Beverages: Sodas, Mineral Waters and other Soft Drinks
Additional Wine and/or Champagne (special preferences to be requested prior to the event)

The Pricing - for teams of 15 to 100 people
The base price*  for large teams between 15 to 100 people is $2000.00 for the first 15 people.  The cost for each additional person is $90.00.

Additioanl Cost: The rental fee for the space which includes all the equipment and rentals is variable depending on the venue and is in the range of $900 - $1200

Additional staff requirements: Staff Chef Instructors are included in the base cost for up to 15 guests.  An additonal instructor is required for each additional 10 guests.

This facility is located downtown near Front and Jarvis.

For very large teams of between 50 and 100 guests special pricing can be negotiated.

There will be a 15% planning fee charge on off-site team building sessions for coordination.

*The base price includes the instruction by Karen Viva-Haynes, owner of Viva Tastings and her sous chef, the food, a glass of wine with the meal, labour for set-up.

Other Charges may Include:

Additional staff: Depending on the number of guests, additional chef instructors will be required to assist @ $200  Chef instructor.
Additional Beverages: Sodas, Mineral Waters and other Soft Drinks
Additional Wine and/or Champagne (special preferences to be requested prior to the event) - this cost will be based on consumption.

* for off-prem events there will be a 15% service charge

Payment Terms and Method

50% deposit is required upon booking. The can be paid by credit card,  or cash. The balance is due on the day of the event. Deposits are not refundable, however, if for any reason you have to cancel your event, you may reschedule if you notify us of the cancellation 5 working days before the event.

Call Viva Tastings at (416)-578-2129 to make arrangements for your Corporate Team Building Culinary event. If we are not able to answer the phone please leave a message with your request date and number of guests.

Or, contact us by e-mail at

Located in downtown Toronto near U of T and the Art Gallery of Ontario, it is a convenient location to get to after a busy day at work.