Our Concept

Beside our dedication to the Slow Food Movement, we are passionate about creating food that is visually impactful, with layers of taste texture and colour.
Viva Tastings strives to create dishes where the first bites jolts your senses and intensifies the experience. Then the idea is to move on to the next dish. So, serving 5 to 10 courses would be our approach to satisfy your appetite and and pique your curiosity. Each dish is a different experience, a whole new flavour, texture and feel. The intensity of the flavour is key.

To achieve this effect, the courses are small relative to the portions you will find on most menus. The size depends on the item and number of courses. Depending on the restrictions of the venue, the menu can be designed to either be eaten standing-up without plates or utensils besides your glass of wine OR you can have the dishes plated beautifully as a sit-down dinner party.




Pick-up Location near U of T  -  416.578.2129  -  karen@vivatastings.com

Delivery Available in the downtown Toronto core 

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